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QuikLINK for Friday, January 6, 2017, No. 17004 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Issue: #17004
January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

Dear Clergy and Laity of the Susquehanna Annual Conference,

Grace to you in the most precious name of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, Healer of Our Brokenness and Hope of the World!

In accordance with Disciplinary Paragraph 418 of the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline, with much joy and gratitude, I announce that the Rev. Lori J. Steffensen will continue to serve as the District Superintendent of the State College District of the Susquehanna Annual Conference for her seventh year. I am pleased to make this announcement with the full support of the District Committee on Superintendency and the Cabinet. Rev. Steffensen demonstrates outstanding leadership in equipping the clergy and the laity of the State College District to live out their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Under her leadership, the State College District continues to be a strong and bright witness of a church alive in Christ together.

Each Cabinet member brings their unique gifts and graces to help us work best together as a team. I am most grateful for the Cabinet and for the particular gifts and graces that Rev. Steffensen has brought to this team. Along with her many remarkable gifts as a leader in spiritual and temporal matters of the church, Lori has a very keen understanding of financial issues. Her Cabinet colleagues often look to Lori for guidance in understanding the financial perspective of the needs of the conference. Lori also has very strong tech skills, as well as a superb administrative gift; she has served for many years as the secretary for the Cabinet, for which the cabinet and I are so grateful. As a dedicated servant of God and a committed disciple of Jesus Christ, as well as a highly capable leader of the church, Lori is a very vital part of the Cabinet.

The work of a District Superintendent is extremely demanding. We give thanks to God for Lori as she so freely offers her excellent gifts and graces to the ministry of district superintendency. I know that you will join me in expressing your gratitude for her leadership and ministry among us. Your prayers for Lori and her husband Ted would be greatly appreciated as Rev. Steffensen continues her vital ministry as a district superintendent.

I am also very pleased to announce that the Rev. Beth Jones will continue to serve as the Dean of the Cabinet during her eighth year of District Superintendency. Beth's presence, ministry, and leadership for the cabinet, Williamsport district, and the conference are such a blessing to our church and are deeply appreciated. I ask your prayers for Beth and her husband Tom as her exceptional gifts and graces continue to bless our beloved church for such a time as this.
With You in Christ's Ministry,
Jeremiah J. Park

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