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QuikLINK for Tuesday, Janaury 2, 2018, No. 18001 - Guidelines

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Issue:  18001
January 2, 2018


Messages are welcome that have an interest across the Susquehanna Conference.

These are guidelines for submitting material for publication in QuikLINK:

1.  In order to keep QuikLINK an efficient communication tool, the sole gateway for material submitted is by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2.  Messages for QuikLINK are to be of general interest to the entire annual conference. Local church events need to be sent to your district office for distribution within your district. Correctness is the responsibility of the person submitting the item and cannot be guaranteed by the Communications Ministry office. Questions should be directed to the contact of each message.

3.  In order to publish on a timely schedule, submissions are to be sent to QuikLink on the business day prior to publication.

4.  Messages should be kept as short as possible. Brochures may be submitted, but highlights of the brochure need to be included as a short message (the brochure will be made available by a download link). The editor of QuikLINK reserves the right to shorten messages deemed to be too long and/or link to additional material on the Web.

5.  Contact information MUST be included in every message submitted. The message/announcement must be submitted as text only.  Any charts, registration forms, posters, PDF's or pictures will be made available by a download link.

6. QuikLINK is not designed to be a forum for opinion sharing or fundraising. Fundraising announcements for local churches are to be directed to the district office for distribution. Fundraising announcements are reserved for entities of the annual conference and the global church denomination.

7. In the interest of time, submitted material is published with minimal proofreading. A spell check will sometimes be applied, but that will not guarantee correct spelling.

8. The limit for repeated messages is three. We do not keep a message queue for repeat messages. They must be re-submitted in the form in which they are to be published.

9. Corrections to messages must be re-submitted in corrected form exactly as it should be re-published.

Messages MUST be composed exactly as the sender wishes them to appear along with a short headline in capital letters. The accuracy or completeness of the message is the responsibility of the sender. Events need to answer the questions: what, who, when, where, and sometimes why and how.

Shawn M. Gilgore
Director of Communications Ministry

Janelle L. Walker
Associate Director of Communications