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QuikLINK for Friday, January 12, 2018, No. 18009 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

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Issue: 18009
January 12, 2018


January 12, 2018

Dear Laity and Clergy of the Susquehanna Conference,

Grace to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, Healer of Our Brokenness and Hope of the World.
According to paragraph 417 of the 2016 Book of Discipline, one of the responsibilities of the Office of Bishop is to appoint elders to serve as district superintendents. The normal term of ministry for the district superintendent is six years; however, this term may be extended up to eight years at the discretion of the bishop, in consultation with the cabinet and the District Committee on Superintendency.  
I am pleased to announce that, in accordance with the guidelines as outlined in the 2016 Book of Discipline, it is my intention to continue the Rev. Lori J. Steffensen for her eighth year as the State College District Superintendent. I am equally pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. Kathleen E. Kind will remain as the Altoona District Superintendent for her seventh year and that the Rev. Dr. Charles W. Salisbury will also remain as the York District Superintendent for his seventh year. They are all greatly appreciated for their outstanding leadership by the people and congregations they serve as they are strongly affirmed by their District Superintendency Committee as well.  
We are in a time of great transition and uncertainty for our beloved church. We are facing many challenges within and outside the church. I am convinced that there is no more demanding appointment than to serve as a district superintendent in our church for such a time as this. In addition to exceptional gifts and graces with exemplary dedication and commitment, it often takes many years before an elder begins to accumulate the necessary tools for the ministry of superintendency.  
I would remind the Susquehanna Conference family that a district superintendent is appointed first to the conference and then assigned to a district. Our Susquehanna Conference is truly blessed by the presence and ministry of District Superintendents Reverends Steffensen, Kind, and Salisbury among us. I would like to solicit the clergy and laity of the Susquehanna Conference to pray for them and their loved ones as they continue to extend themselves to serve the Church of Jesus Christ and her mission as Superintendents.
I also would like the Susquehanna Conference to know that Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Salsgiver will retire as of June 30, 2018. We give thanks and praise to God for the outstanding ministry and leadership that Tom so freely shared with our church for his over 40 years in ministry. I am glad to share with you that our conference and the general church will continue to benefit from his exceptional gifts and graces. Along with Rev. Greg Myers, Rev. Salsgiver will serve as Assistant to the Bishop, part time, beginning July 1, 2018. I am so blessed that Tom made himself available to serve the church in this way in retirement. His presence and ministry among us will continue to richly bless our conference and beyond. Your prayers for Tom, Joanne, and the family during this time of transition would be greatly appreciated.  
It is indeed my joy and privilege to serve our beloved church with all of these remarkably gifted, grace-filled, faithful and dedicated servants of God.  
With You in Christ's Ministry,
Jeremiah J. Park

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