It is the intention of Bishop Jeremiah Park to set these appointments as of July 1, 2018*
(*Other effective date as noted)
   Published January 10, 2018

Timothy R. Baer
from Shepherdstown, Harrisburg District.
Carola Beasley-Topliffe from Yeagertown, State College District.
Katherine A. Behrens from Wallis Run, Williamsport District.
Richard J. Bender from Lewistown Grace, State College District.
Patricia C. Bollinger from McVeytown/Wayne, State College District.
Martin W. Bovee from Jefferson/Greenmount, York District.
Judy M. Bupp from Adamsville/Yoe, York District.
Gary L. Daugherty from Airville McKendree, York District.
Debra A. Decker from Clearville/Stevens Chapel, Altoona District.
Daniel L. Dennis from Boiling Springs Otterbein, York District.
Jean-Pierre Duncan from on-loan to Detroit Conference, Scranton/W-B District.
Ronald S. French from Danville Trinity, Lewisburg District.
Mitchell M. Galloway from Winterstown, York District.
Kenneth B. Grundon from Greater Broad Top & New Hope Parish, Altoona District.
Albert R. Horst from East Prospect, York District.
Kevin E. Hughes from Mt Olivet/St Marks, Harrisburg District.
Lisa K. Klinger from Blue Mountain, Harrisburg District.
I. Robert Klingerman from Center, Lewisburg District.
F. Jeffrey Mugridge from Medical Leave, State College District.
Ann B. Overmiller from Ralston, Williamsport District.
Larry W. Parlett from Potosi Mt Zion, York District.
David E. Smith from Coordinator, Wounded Warrior Soul Care Initiative, JUSTPEACE, Harrisburg District.
A. Michelle Somerville from New Visions Parish, Williamsport District.
Thomas A. Willard from Camp Hill, Harrisburg District.
Michael H. Wilson from Laurelton, Lewisburg District. (7/31/18)
Jay E. Zimmerman from Gettysburg, York District.