A Webcast witness to United Methodists making disciples of Jesus Christ
for the Transformation of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania ... and the entire world.

Susquehanna Xpress is a new communications tool from Connectional Ministries of the Susquehanna Conference.
With an eye toward cross-generational communication, Susquehanna Xpress is designed to be a witness to discipleship,
to create a sense of connection, and to foster a familiarity with social media. The format is television-magazine-style
with a concentration on ministry and disciple-making stories.

Susquehanna Xpress - Pastor Richard DeMarte

Brittany talks with Pastor Richard DeMarte about his portrayal of Alvin R. Smith,
a member of the "Mount Pisgah Praying Band," who with seven other men, through God's calling,
helped start a revival in 1886 in North Central Pennsylvania.