Exodus: Prison and Aftercare Ministries

Mission Statement:
The mission of Exodus Prison and Aftercare Ministries is to provide Christ-centered services both within the prison and in the community to promote rehibilitaion and assistance to the incarcerated, released offenders, their families, and victims so to reduce recidivism and prevent crime.

The purpose of Exodus Prison and Aftercare Ministries is to provide a Chaplain and trained volunteers to extend the love of Jesus Christ  through prayer, study discussion, worship and fellowship. The Chaplain's services within the prison environment will be extended to incarcerated individuals, the administration and correctional officers. Exodus Prison and Aftercare Ministries will provide professional pastoral counseling, spiritual guidence and other emotional support to incarcerated individuals, their family members and their victims in an effort to promote restorative justice. The ministry will serve cooperatively with other agencies providing services to inmates, their families and their communities.

We Provide:
• Offices in the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Tunkhannock
• Weekday Prayer and Support groups
• Christian 12-step programs
• Yokefellow and Prison Fellowship classes
• Education during imprisonment
• Bibles upon request
• Encouragement of recovery programs
• Guidance toward total rehibilitation
• Ministry to families of incarcerated persons
• Pastoral counseling for the incarcerated and their families

Exodus Prison and Aftercare Minstries Brochure