Director of Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries





Position Title:    Director of Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries


Classification:   Full-Time; Exempt (Supervisory/Professional Staff)


Purpose:  Working collaboratively with the mission/vision of the Susquehanna Annual Conference, Connectional Ministries, and other key leaders, this person will develop and implement a mission strategy for both Camp/Retreat Ministries and a discipleship ministry outreach for the Annual Conference and local churches.


Objective:  The Director of Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries will plan, organize, direct, evaluate, and supervise a comprehensive camp/retreat and discipleship ministry strategy that will assist the annual conference and local churches in their mission and vision to help congregations make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Accountability:  The Director of Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries is directly accountable to and works

 under the supervision and direction of the Director of Connectional Ministries, with additional     

 accountability to the Camp/Retreat Board.


Primary Responsibilities:

1.       Basic Functions for Camp/Retreat Ministries

A.      Develop and implement a clear and comprehensive vision and mission strategy for Camp/Retreat Ministries that includes:

a.       A promotional and growth plan so all four sites grow in their ministries, offering new and diverse camping/retreat opportunities so all participants can grow in their discipleship.

b.       Donor and fund development moving toward financial stability and sustainability for each site.

c.       Continue to work with and continue to develop significant partnerships and effective team relationships among the site directors/managers of the four camps.

d.       Be visible, accessible and present in local congregations and other constituencies to develop and strengthen ongoing relationships with camps as well as create cooperative ministry together.

e.       Work with the site directors/managers of the four sites to continue to develop diverse, culturally and generationally relevant camping and retreat programs.

f.        Continue to maintain the highest standards of camping/retreat ministries and work toward camping/retreat accreditations.


2.       Basic Functions for Discipleship Ministries

A.   Develop and implement a clear and comprehensive vision and mission strategy for engaging local churches and individuals in becoming and growing in discipleship.

B.   Work with conference leaders, pastors and congregational leaders so there are specific and significant opportunities for people to

a.       grow in their discipleship

b.       grow in their maturity in following Jesus Christ

c.       transform their world and community because of their faith and outward faithful practice of discipleship

d.       develop small groups and other avenues for Christian nurture, support, and outreach

C.   Work with existing conference committees, structures, and local congregations to help develop innovative pathways for persons to grow in their faith.

D.   Be visible, accessible, and present in local congregations to help them plan and implement intentional processes for persons to grow in their faith.

E.    Knowledgeable about new and diverse faith development strategies so local churches have many ways to experience and grow in their faith.



1.       Experience and Background

a.       Must be a committed disciple of Jesus Christ and active in a faith community

b.       Proven ability in vision casting, ministry expansion, marketing, and fiscal responsibility

c.       Proven experience in leading and managing change

d.       Strong leadership and organizational skills

e.       Ability to work both independently and collaboratively


2.       Education

a.       Minimum undergraduate degree

b.       At least five years of experience in Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries or related ministries

c.       Certification in Camp/Retreat Ministries or willingness to pursue certification and successfully complete it


3.       Theological Understandings

a.       Demonstrates an active faith with a Christian faith community and call to this ministry

b.       Willingness and ability to support the vision, mission, core values, and polity of the United Methodist Church and the Susquehanna Conference.

c.       Strong knowledge of the beliefs and practices of the United Methodist Church

d.       Be committed to and supportive of the diversity of theological positions within the United Methodist Church

e.       Be open to all persons participating in the Camp/Retreat and Discipleship Ministries of the annual conference and its local congregations


4.       Other Essential Functions

a.       Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with a team to implement the work of the annual conference

b.       Ability and commitment to work weekends and evening hours

c.       Willingness to travel both within and beyond the Susquehanna Annual Conference

d.       Ability to work with and support volunteers

e.       Willingness and ability to work with and through existing structures of the United Methodist Church

f.        Must have or be willing to submit to required background checks


PLEASE SEND RESUME AND/OR FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT LISA BENDER, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, CONNECTIONAL MINISTRIES AT:  303 MULBERRY DRIVE, MECHANICSBURG, PA 17050; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 717.766.7441 EXT. 3600



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