DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS MAY 18, 2018 at 5 p.m.


Intro to Pre-Conference Workshops (Optional Learning Opportunities):

The Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church has three purposes: 

1. To grow spiritual, transformation leaders

2. To equip vital congregations and create new places for new people

3. Connect with one another and the world


Here is your chance to grow, be equipped, and connect with one another as part of your Annual Conference experience this year. We are bringing in nationally recognized speakers and local experts to provide you with excellent learning opportunities to meet the needs of our leaders and congregations. Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of these workshops and learn from specialists. Space is limited, so be sure to register today.



 - The workshops are being hosted at Trinity Hummelstown on Wednesday, May 30th from 1 till 5 pm.

 - The cost for attending will be $25 per person with an offering of .35 CEU's.

 - Parking is limited. We will be offering shuttles to/from Hershey Lodge to Trinity for your convenience. Look for the shuttle signs.

 - Notice that some workshops will last the entire afternoon (both Tracks A AND B) while other workshops are shorter in duration (only Track A OR B) and will allow you to take two workshops.

 - We encourage you to attend these workshops but they are not required for Annual Conference.


1:00-1:10 pm Gathering in Sanctuary for welcome, why, prayer, and sending 

1:15-3:00 pm Track A workshops

3:15-5:00 pm Track B workshops



Track A: Communicating Vision with Jason Mackey

Track B: Ruts in the Discipleship Path with Jason Mackey

Track A&B: Fresh Expressions of Church- The Five W's with Audrey Warren

Track A: Spark: Vital Mergers -  You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch: Vital Mergers and Restart with Paul Nixon

Track B: Spark: Re-Starts -  You Don’t Have to Start From Scratch: Vital Mergers and Restart with Paul Nixon

Track A&B: Small Church Checkup with Kay Kotan  

Track A: Your Pastor’s Benefits:  What Finance Needs to Know with Kelly Cox

Track B: Conference Loan Fund:  What’s New with Lauren Hokamp

Track A: Opioids and Teenage Disciples with Kayt Hughes

Track B: Pathways to Spiritual Leadership with Kevin Witt

Track A: 5 Things Your Visitors are Thinking But Won’t Ask with Jason Moore

Track B: Worship That Sticks: Creating Worship that Lasts Beyond Sunday with Jason Moore


Workshop Descriptions and Leaders:

Communicating Vision

So much time goes into crafting the vision, but then as if it's a delicate work of art, we put it on the wall and revere it, but ultimately lose it. As leaders we cannot afford to let it go. We have to communicate it well. Here we will discuss the best opportunities and approaches to communicating vision.

Ruts in the Discipleship Path

Every church walked away from Navigate with an Intentional Path to Discipleship, but that was a month ago and since then some things worked and some things didn't. Come be part of a conversation to address your challenges and share best practices in implementing your church's plan.

Pastor Jason Mackey

“My heart breaks for people who have been burned by or feel excluded from the church. I go about ministry constantly asking the question: what is going to bring them into a closer relationship with Jesus?”

Pastor Jason was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Central Dauphin High School (1998) and Lebanon Valley College (2002) where he double majored in Historical Communications and Spanish. In the fall of 2001, while studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain, he had a profound call experience, which he finally accepted in the Spring of 2003 while on his Walk to Emmaus. From 2004 to 2008 he attended Evangelical Theological Seminary in Myerstown, where he received his Master’s of Divinity in Congregational Leadership. He was then became an ordained elder in 2012.

In August 2007, he accepted his first interim appointment to Stephens Emmanuel UMC (a Latino congregation in Allison Hill) before being moved in January 2008 to CrossPoint UMC (a multi-site church in the Harrisburg area) where he led the South Hanover campus for seven years. On July 1, he came to Trinity UMC, Hummelstown.

Pastor Jason’s family is an essential part of his ministry and includes his wife, Christy, and sons Eli and Christian. Pastor Jason is a passionate learner of Andy Stanley and Catalyst. He has studied under Adam Hamilton and Mike Slaughter as part of the Young Pastor’s Network and is a Lewis Fellow through Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. In 2012, he was the recipient of the Harry Denmen Evangelism Award for his work with CrossPoint to launch the Perking Point, a coffeehouse ministry based upon Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse in DC.


Fresh Expressions of Church- The Five W's 

Have you heard of Fresh Expressions of Church? Come learn and explore the Five W's of Fresh Expressions of church. Who are we trying to reach? What does a Fresh Expression do? When do Fresh Expressions meet? Where does a Fresh Expression meet? Why do we need Fresh Expressions of Church? This workshop will serve as a day to educate and inspire both lay and clergy alike to what the Holy Spirit might be up to in their community! 

Rev. Dr. Audrey Warren

Rev. Dr. Audrey Warren, pastor of First United Methodist Church Of Miami FL since July, 2015. At FUMC Miami Audrey has worked with the church in the process of redeveloping its property and vision over the past three years. A native Floridian, Audrey did not venture too far from her hometown of Naples to plant some roots. Audrey has been in Miami–Dade County serving as a United Methodist pastor for the past nine years.

Pastor Audrey spent her first six years in ministry at Branches United Methodist Mission in Florida City, FL where she preached in English and Spanish each Sunday and helped rebuild a church after a devastating fire. 

She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Florida Southern College where she majored in Religion. This was followed by a Masters of Divinity Degree from Duke Divinity School. In May of 2016, she received her Doctorate of Ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. 

Audrey has served in Central Florida, North Carolina, South Africa, and Miami. She has a passion for outreach and mission and is currently convening the Fresh Expressions movement in the Florida Annual Conference. Recently, she published Fresh Expressions: A New Kind of Methodist Church For People Not In Church with Bishop Kenneth Carter from the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. 

Audrey is a dynamic preacher and educator and has a special passion for children’s education in which area she wrote her dissertation. She has a passion for both contemporary and traditional worship and has a deep love for scripture.

Audrey is a courageous leader and motivator and has a passion for bringing diverse people together to carry out the work of Christ in community. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She also has a 200 hr. Yoga Alliance Teacher Certificate. In her spare time, you can find her at the beach with a good book, running in coconut grove or a yoga class in town!


Vital Mergers

If you are interested in bringing two or more existing congregations together to do a new thing to reach new people, this workshop is for you.  Come explore the basics of vital mergers to spark what is possible.


If you are interested in your congregation starting over to do a new thing to reach new people in this new day, this workshop is for you.  Come explore the basics of a church re-start to spark what is possible.

Paul Nixon

Paul Nixon is author of multiple books on Christian leadership in a fast-changing age. Paul is president of The Epicenter Group, a coaching and leadership development organization based in Washington DC. Epicenter coaches about 100 church leaders each year. About half of these are planters of new faith communities. Epicenter's team works with some of the most creative and fast-growing faith communities in mainline Protestantism. Paul is also co-founder of Readiness360, an assessment process for discovering the readiness of faith communities to multiply their ministry. To learn more about Paul's work, go to



Small Church Checkup:  Assessing Your Church's Health and Creating Treatment Plans

Many small churches today are faced with the sobering reality of attendance loss and overall decline. This workshop provides a guide to help you find hope, alternatives, and the possibility of a new beginning. Come discover tools to help you assess your church's vitality, evaluate results, diagnose your church's condition, and explore several options for treatment plans as you seek to faithfully serve your community.

Kay Kotan

Kay Kotan is the Director of Equipping Vital Congregations for the Susquehanna Conference UMC and she has a passionate approach to teaching, consulting, and coaching.  As one called to serve from a laity role, she offers a unique perspective for church and leadership development that is informed by her diverse background serving in corporate America, owning her own business, lay leadership in the local church, and traveling the nation as an author and speaker.




Opioids and Teenage Disciples

Walking the faith journey with teenagers means knowing and understanding the environments in which they live. The opioid epidemic facing our communities is drastically impacting our teenagers in ways that we are not even aware. Come to learn more about the environments our teens are living in and leave better equipped to walk alongside them through this overwhelming time in their lives.

Kayt Hughes

Kayt Hughes is the Director of Student Ministry at Camp Hill UMC since July 2017. She previously served six years at Stewartstown UMC, also as Director of Student Ministry. Kayt is a 2009 Messiah College graduate and is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Randy Hughes. She loves running, reading, yellow umbrellas, and her cat Yoshi. Kayt also works with Rev. Ed Zeiders on the Commission for Child Advocacy within the SUSUMC Conference."




Pathways to Spiritual Leadership 

We will explore the nature of spiritual leadership and avenues for increasing the number of persons growing and engaging as spiritual leaders. Come delve more deeply into intentionality around identifying and nurturing spiritual practices, core values, skills for leadership and opportunities for hands on opportunities that broaden Christ-like leaders in your congregation or extension ministry. We will look at three approaches each with unique benefits and impact and glean insights and encouragement from one another.

Rev. Kevin Witt

Kevin is the Director of Camp Retreat Ministry and Discipleship with the Susquehanna Conference. He served for 20 years as the National Director of UM Camp and Retreat Ministries with Discipleship Ministries. His responsibilities included the development of spiritual leaders, discipleship pathways, and serving on the Christian Education and Faith Formation team. Kevin also brings a background in pastoring local churches and directing Christian camp retreat centers.




5 Things Your Visitors are Thinking But Won’t Ask

Without really meaning to be, most churches are blind to the visitor experience. From unspoken rituals, to maze-like facilities, worship can be very intimidating for guests. Jason Moore, consultant and frequent “secret worshiper”, will guide you through the top 5 questions on the minds of visitors, and how to more effectively invite them into an experience worth returning to. Radically hospitality is within the reach of any and every church.

Worship That Sticks: Creating Worship that Lasts Beyond Sunday

Worship should ultimately lead to faith development and a desire to engage in mission in the world. Truth is, it doesn't happen automatically. Most worship experiences are easily forgotten soon after they're over. Creating worship that has a lasting effect is challenging in our screen-obsessed culture. In this keynote, Jason Moore explores how creativity, image and metaphor in worship can ultimately transform the people who experience it. This primer on "sticky worship" will give you the tools and language for creating deep/meaningful worship that lasts a lifetime.

Jason Moore

With a passion for creativity and image, Jason Moore is working to change the world through deep, meaningful, creative worship.

Jason is driven to help churches of all sizes, worship styles and means become as effective as possible in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ to a creative and increasingly image obsessed world. 

The author of 9 books, Jason has designed worship alongside such leaders as Adam Hamilton, Michael Slaughter, Tony Campolo, Brian McClaren and Leonard Sweet.

Nearly a decade and a half ago, Jason began at Ginghamsburg UMC in Tipp City, Ohio. He later went on to co-found Midnight Oil Productions, his current ministry. In addition to being a very active worship coach and consultant,  Jason also works part time as Creative Worship Specialist for the Miami Valley District of the UMC in Dayton, Ohio.


Your Pastor's Benefits

What your Treasurer/Finance Committee needs to know by Kelly Cox - This workshop will explore the health and pension benefits available to your pastor through the Conference and how these need to be accounted by the local church treasurer. End of year reporting for taxes will also be included in this workshop as they pertain to the pastor's benefits.

Conference Loan Fund

What's new? by Lauren Hokamp - This workshop will explore the changes that have been made to the Loan Fund. This will apply to all churches interested in loans from the fund and anyone (church or individual) that may want to invest in the fund.