Church & Society

Peace with Justice

The Peace with Justice Covenant Congregation Program aims to make shalom — a word of greeting or farewell meaning peace — visible and active in people’s lives and communities. The General Conference assigned The General Board of Church & Society to put into service the program and called the denomination to “strengthen its capacity to act as a public advocate” in communities and nations throughout the world.

Prison Ministry

We encourage individuals and churches to become involved in ministries to inmates, former inmates and their families, so that the redemptive and reconciling love of Christ be known.


General Board of Church & Society

Seminar Trips
On alternate years, we sponsor trips from Susquehanna Conference to learn from and with our General Board of Church and Society.

GBCS Seminar
 In 2019 there is a trip scheduled to Washington DC headquarters of GBCS February 10-13 to discuss White Privilege and Racism.  Please consider joining this trip! View the flyer.

UN Seminar
In 2018 we took 20 people to New York City for the UN Seminar Program offered by GBCS. The topic then was Violence, Terror and Peace. We plan to sponsor a UN Seminar program again in 2020.

UM Advocacy in PA
August 2018 Report
July 2018 Report
June 2018 Report