Visioning Leadership Team

One of the core values of the Susquehanna Conference is to promote active listening at every level of our conference life. This listening will help us stay focused upon our mission as local churches, as well as a conference, and will help us measure our effectiveness.

The mission of an annual conference is “to equip its local churches for their ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and to provide a connection for ministry beyond the local church; all to the glory of God”. ¶ 601, 2008 Book of Discipline.

Visioning Leadership Team Survey

Visioning Leadership Team Updates

“Living into the Vision”
Commissioned at the Annual Conference session last September, the Visioning
Leadership Team has been charged with moving our Susquehanna Conference forward
into the future of God’s leading. As the Team continues to meet, regular updates will be
coming via QuikLINK and the printed edition of the LINK.

Meetings thus far
The Team met twice in the fall and in January met with the Full Cabinet. There was a
great sense of hope in each meeting and particularly in the meeting with the cabinet as
we anticipate the activity of God in our midst.

Major points included:

1. The Team discussed the need to remember that we are in the Transitional
Phase of our work. It is vitally important to resist the temptation to move too
quickly toward permanent structural, quick fix answers. Critical to “Living into the
Vision” is the framing of key “adaptive questions.” (See pages 14 and 15 of the
Vision Team Report) Part of the journey is to be sure we do not let this “unfrozen
moment” begin to freeze us back into undesirable places.

While it may feel to some as though we are “wandering in the wilderness”,
the wandering is formative as we discern God’s future for the Susquehanna
Conference. Progress is being made as we are re-thinking our purpose, future,
and our journey as God’s people. We pray that during this “unfrozen moment”
we will live into the future without being frozen by institutional need to feel more
organized and settled.

2. The Team is remaining focused upon the mission of the Annual Conference.
Unlike the mission of the local church which is to “Make disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world”, the annual conference has three primary
tasks as its mission:
             1. Train and deploy quality transformational clergy and lay
                 leadership to lead the disciple-making process in its local

             2. Resource our local churches with tools and best
                 practices for effective disciple making in the 21st century.

             3. Provide a covenantal connection for mission and ministry beyond the local church.

In all we do the conference must focus on faithfulness to Jesus Christ, asking
always, “What is God’s yearning for us in this particular form of ministry?”

3. Critical to this transformational time will be focused listening sessions in several
different ways and with various constituencies of the Susquehanna Conference.
The team will seek opportunities to ask local church leaders, as well as
conference leaders, what resources and nurturing opportunities the conference
might provide them. A strategy now being envisioned by the team is to establish
such ongoing listening as a part of our new conference DNA