A Partial List of Companies with Connections to the Israeli Occupation

 ALLIANT TECH SYSTEMSProduces rubber coated bullets used by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) that blind, disfigure and kill;  also fuses for cluster bombs
AFRICA ISRAEL INVESTMENTS LTDImplicated in construction of multiple illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem
AHAVA   Cosmetics produced in the occupied West Bank
BLOCKBUSTER   Has stores in the illegal settlements
BOEINGSupplies the IDF with attack helicopters, missile systems, and guided weapons.
CATERPILLAR CORPORATION  Sells bulldozers that are used by Israeli army to destroy Palestinian homes, orchards, and to build the Separation Wall
CELLCOM ISRAEL     Violates Oslo Accords - pays no fees to Palestinian Authority for operating in the West Bank, provides cell service to illegal settlers
CEMENT ROADSTONE HOLDINGSCement used in construction of the Separation Wall inside the West Bank and to build illegal settlements
CEMEX    Operates in three illegal West Bank settlements; exploits Palestinian natural resources; violates Hague Conventions
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD.    Their electric fences used at the Separation Wall; US Dept of Homeland Security awarded them contract for US/Mexico border surveillance
FORMULA SYSTEMS LTD.    IT company whose clients include settlers in illegal settlements
G4S   Services prisons in Israel where prisoners held in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention
GENERAL DYNAMICS   Diesel engines for battle tanks used against Palestinians; weapons
GENERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION    Sells engines for military aircraft used in attacks on Palestinian towns and refugee camps.
GLOBECOMM SYSTEMS INC (GSI)Supplies IDF with communication equipment and faciliaties used in the occupied territories.
HEIDELBERG CEMENT AG  Operates in three illegal West Bank Settlements; cement used in constructino of illegal settlements; exploits natural resources
HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY   Owns EDS that provides biometric monitoring of checkpoints at the Separation Wall; IDF printers; contract with Navy blockading Gaza
ICX TECHNOLOGIESMakes surveillance radar used in illegal settlements
INGERSOLL RAND    Manufactures biometric access control equipment and recorders used at checkpoints
ITT CORPORATION    Provides intensifier tubes for night vision goggles for military pilots, who attack refugee camps and villages in the middle of the night
LOCKHEED MARTIN    Single largest overseas supplier for Israeli armaments industry
MAGAL SECURITY SYSTEMS    Provides intrusion detection fencing for the Separation Wall
MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS Provides surveillance systems around many illegal settlements inside the West Bank
NORTHROP GRUMMAN    With Lockheed Martin, produces Israeli "storm" aircraft and fire control radar and the Hellfire missile
ON TRACK INNOVATIONS   Developed system that uses two biometric sensors to read facial dimensions and hand geometry of Palestinians crossing checkpoints
OSHKOSH TRUCK COMPANY   Supplies mobility tactical trucks to the IDF used in the occupied territories
RAYTHEON    Major arms contractor to the US military, including missiles we give to the IDF that are used against Palestinians
SILICON GRAPHICS  Provides Israeli Air Force pilots with visual system training that aid in night attacks on Palestinians in occupied territories
SODASTREAM   Product made in illegal settlement in the West Bank; discriminates in worker treatment; UMC is boycotting
TEREX CORPORATION   Manufactures mobile floodlight towers used by Israeli Army in the occupied territories; cranes help construct settlements/Separation Wall
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION    Produces Blackhawk helicopters used to attack Palestinian cities, refugee campus and villages
VEOLIA ENVIRONNEMENT    Operates a settler landfill in occupied Jordan Valley; violates international law by dumping waste in occupied territories
VOLVO   Provides bulldozers that destroy Palestinian homes and aids in the building of the Separation Wall