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Pre-Conference Materials

2021 Special Session Workbook - Downloadable PDF

2021 AC Workbook -
Downloadable PDF
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Important Dates for 2021

REVISED Call for the Special Session of Annual Conference:
As your Bishops, we are revising the call for the special session of Annual Conference that is to be held virtually on October 5, 2021. This special virtual session will be called to order at 7:00pm with sign-in/gathering time beginning at 6:30 pm.

This revised call will include only the following items:

  • Worship
  • Election of a new Chancellor for the Susquehanna Annual Conference
  • Presentation and approval of the 2022 Plan for Funding Ministry


Download the
2021 Special Session Workbook PDF

Special Services:

Celebration of Ordination Worship Service - Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 11 am.  This service will be live streamed from Carlisle UMC, so that all may participate in this important moment in the life of our Annual Conference.
Retirement Celebration - Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 11am. This will be a joyful celebration for those pastors who retired from active ministry in 2020 and 2021. Currently, this is planned to be an in-person service for those who have entered the retired relationship in 2020 and 2021, their families, and invited guests. This service will be live streamed from Mt. Nittany UMC so that all may participate in this special celebration of those who have moved into the retired relationship.
Memorial Service - Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 11 am. This service will  give thanks to God for the faithful lives of pastors, pastors’ spouses, and any lay members of the annual conference session who died in 2020 and 2021. Currently, we are planning for this to be an in-person service for the families of the deceased and invited guests. This service will be live streamed from Wesley UMC, Selinsgrove so that all may participate in this hallowed service honoring those who have given so much of their lives to the church and who have now joined the great cloud of witnesses.

We are still finalizing the details of specific times and places for these services. But we encourage all members of the Susquehanna Annual Conference to put these dates on your calendar.

Worship Services


Conversation with Bishop Moore-KoiKoi and Bishop Steiner Ball

Leadership Report Part 1 & 2

AC 2020


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Pre-Conference Materials

2020 AC Workbook (revised 9-29-20)

2020 Special Offering -
Building the Beloved Community Fund (BBCF)

Big Picture Finance Report
- Video   - PDF

United Methodists Stand for Justice Video

We Honor Our 2020 Retirees’ Ministry - Thank you for your faithful leadership (View full list of 2020 Retiring Class) These retiring clergy will be formally celebrated next year with the 2021 retiring class.


A Celebration of Life -
On November 1st (All Saints' Day) there was a special video honoring those who have passed into eternal life. (View a full list of those to be honored.)


2020 AC Award/Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to this year's recipients!

AC 2019 Archive


Printed Materials -

• Opening Celebration (PDF or OCR PDF)
• Memorial Service (PDF or OCR PDF)
• Celebration of Ministry Service
   (PDF or OCR PDF)
• Service of Commissioning & Ordination

Susquehanna Daily LINKs
• Thursday, May 30 (PDF or OCR PDF)
 Friday, May 31 (PDF or OCR PDF)
 Saturday, June 1 (PDF or OCR PDF)
 Saturday, June 1 - Wrap Up (PDF or OCR PDF)

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