General Instructions for Charge Conference Forms

FORMS  1-8

  • Must be completed and submitted electronically to District Office at least TWO WEEKS prior to your charge conference.
    • It is preferred that all forms are filled in on a computer. They can be saved in word format and sent to the District Office as an attachment.
    • If you send a form that requires a signature you may send without the signature. These are received in good faith that the signatory has seen and given consent to the contents of the form.
    • You MUST have signed forms in the DS packet at Charge Conference.
  • The District Office must be notified of any business to be conducted that is NOT on the Form 1 Charge Conference Checklist two weeks prior to the charge conference.
  • Complete hard copy set of forms (with signatures) are to be given to the District Superintendent or presiding elder at the Charge Conference.
  • Do NOT bind the forms – not stapled, glued, spiral bound, etc. Use a paper clip and/or a folder.
  • Headers: Fill out the header on each report and each page it is requested.  This is a HUGE help for the office staff in filing and retrieving documents
  • Charge Name: Please check the conference journal for the correct name of the charge.
    • The church name and the charge name are often different.
    • The church name may be Grace United Methodist but because we have dozens of Grace United Methodist churches, the charge name may be Hanover, Grace or Lewistown, Grace
    • Check the Journal!!


  • All forms are in Word Format with fillable blanks
    • You may only type in the blank
    • The blank will expand to include as much information as needed
    • Other parts of the form may not be edited
    • The tab key will move you to the next blank
    • You will not see the gray color box when the form is printed
  • Form 1 – Please read carefully and gather all required information
  • Form 2
    • Remember these names and figures represent changes from since the date of 2018’s charge conference
    • Don’t forget to enter the total professing membership number
    • Membership books should be audited to ensure accuracy
  • Form 3
    • Read the information on the form regarding your charge’s number of delegates
    • No signatures needed
    • If there is no one to be elected for Lay Member and/or Alternate please put NONE in the first name space for Lay Member
    • No one who is elected as a Lay Member or Alternate may be a Lay Member at Large
    • Church councils CANNOT replace a Lay Member – a Charge Conference is required to elect a new Lay Member
  • Form 4 (all versions) is for Conference and District Office needs
    • Form 4a is for each individual church using the traditional structure
      • One name per position
        • Discipline does not allow for “co-chair” for Staff/Pastor Parish Committee
        • A vice chair can be indicated on the Church Officers and Committees report
      • For single point charges using traditional structure, fill out Form 4a only.
    • Multi-point charges shall fill out form 4a for each church
      • Leave S/PPRC and Lay Member blank on Form 4a.
      • Form 4b will show S/PPRC chair and Lay Member/Alternates
      • Other Charge officers.
    • Form 4c is for churches using the simplified accountable structure (alternative minimum structure). Multi-point charges must still fill in Form 4b
      • List all council members including the “class” (they must be in three-year classes)
      • List other church staff/officers as applicable
    • Zip +4 can be found at this link – fill in address; this is important to include
    • Per Book of Discipline, the S/PPRC CHAIR must be nominated by the committee on lay leadership and elected by the charge/church conference. S/PPRC does not elect their own chair.
    • Per Book of Discipline, the Trustees elect their chair at the first meeting in the new year.
  • Report of the Lay Leadership and Development Committee must be included for vote for all church officers, committee members. There is no Form for this report, format is at the church’s discretion
  • Form 5
    • Please read the rationale and standards document
    • This is a new design for form 5. Answer questions with Yes or No (Y or N is acceptable) and offer explanations as necessary
  • Form 6 – Pastoral Compensation
    • Download and use the worksheets/instructions
    • Use form 6 for CLERGY only
    • If you have lay supply, Certified Lay Minister (CLM) or a DS hire, use Form 6b
  • Form 6b – Compensation for Laity serving a church for extended time period
    • Compensation for Lay Supply, Certified Lay Minister or DS hire
    • These are LAY employees and subject to employee withholding; church pays FICA
  • Form 7
    • Review church Safe Sanctuaries Policy to ensure all items on the checklist are included
    • ALL churches must have a Safe Sanctuaries Policy (even if children are not present)
  • Form 8
    • All persons who wish to be first time Lay Servants or to continue their Lay Servant/Lay Speaker/CLM status must submit a form
    • The courses required for continuation must be completed – see instructions
    • Pastors, check to ensure that the requirements have been met before signing
    • Pastor’s signature indicates pastor’s approval for continuation
    • If the Lay Servant’s church is served by Lay Supply, CLM or DS hire, only the Superintendent’s signature is needed
  • Form 9 and 9a – Due Jan 31, 2020
    • Trustees report to include ALL assets of the church – all accounts, endowments, property, etc.
    • Please see the instruction pages for these reports
    • Ensure that any changes – purchase, sale, building, major remodeling – are reported to the insurance company
    • Form 9a is required for all churches with a day care/pre-school/children’s ministry that charges tuition or fees
  • Form 10 – Due Jan 31, 2020
    • Only needed if there is property, accounts or investments held by a Charge rather than an individual church
  • Form 11 - Due Jan 31, 2020
    • Include copies of CEU Certificates
    • If you have completed individual, independent studies or seminars that do not offer CEU’s, contact Ryan Kraus, with information regarding the study and request CEU’s
  • Form 12 - Due Mar 15, 2020
    • All accounts related to the church MUST be audited to protect both church and treasurers
    • All churches must have a policy for sound financial practices in handling church funds
    • If no such policy exists, the Finance Committee shall create one
    • An excellent resource is “Financial Information for Churches and Pastors” which may be found at
    • Pastors and churches may want to visit for helpful information such as:
      • GCFA Tax Packet
      • GCFA Audit Guide
    • Form 13 – Due March 15, 2020
      • Only needed for accounts held by a charge rather than an individual church
    • Form 14 – Due one week after pastoral move from parsonage
      • Inspection is to be done after movers have loaded the van and before the pastor leaves town
      • Pastor, S/PPRC chair (or rep), Trustee Chair (or rep) shall do a walk through
      • Form 14 shall be sent to district office within one week of the move


  • Addresses for District Superintendents and email for District Administrative Assistants
    • Altoona: Dr. Kathy Kind, 1381 Plank Road, Suite 104, Duncansville, PA  16635-8458 (District AA )
    • Harrisburg: Rev. Barry Robison, 303 Mulberry Drive, Suite 200, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-3198 (District AA )
    • Lewisburg: Rev. Larry Leland, 31 Baylor Blvd., Lewisburg, PA 17837-9203 (District AA )
    • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre: Rev. Judy Walker, 40 Knob Hill Road, Trucksville PA 18708-9683 (District AA )
    • State College: Rev. Brenda Leigey, 1200 Haymaker Rd., State College, PA 16801-6943 (District AA )
    • Williamsport: Rev. Troy Howell, 2420 Nottingham Rd., Williamsport, PA 17701-4057 (District AA )
    • York: Rev. Dr. Charles Salisbury, 1910 Kenneth Road, Suite D, York, PA 17408-9087 (District AA


Preparing for Church/Charge Conferences

3 Complete Packets should be provided with all forms and with Signatures – one for DS,  one for Pastor and one for Charge Conference Secretary)

Packets for all in attendance should include all items requiring a vote

Materials to be assembled in this order:

  1. Minutes of previous Charge Conference(s) – VOTE
  2. 2018 Audits if they have not already been approved and received by Church Council – VOTE
  3. 2018 Church and Charge Trustee reports to be received - VOTE
  4. Shares of Ministry Plan – any church that does not anticipate being able to pay their shares in full shall submit a written plan to address the deficit in the current and future years. Plan should note date that it was approved by Church Council
  5. Form 2 – Membership report; if names are to be presented for Charge Conference removal, names must be listed and provided to all present. Per Discipline, these names must be READ out loud.  Please read them at a council meeting and provided list at CC.   – VOTE only if there are names to be removed
  6. Form 3 – Election of Lay Member form – VOTE
  7. Form 4a, 4b, 4c - May be included in packets – vote needed if no additional Lay Leadership (nominations report) is provided
  8. Report of the Lay Leadership and Development committee – This may be a format of your choosing. All officers and committee members are to be elected by church/charge conference; MUST include S/PPRC chair person, church treasurer (if treasurer is not paid staff) – VOTE
    1. A motion is needed from the floor to nominate members to the Lay Leadership and Development Committee. Persons nominated should be contacted prior to determine if they are willing to serve
    2. A covering motion will be requested to permit Ad Council to fill vacancies between Charge conferences – but that motion does not include replacing a Lay Member or S/PPRC chair
  10. Form 6 – Pastor’s Compensation – VOTE
  11. Form 6a – CLM’s/ DS Hire Compensation (if applicable) – VOTE
  12. Form 7 – Safe Sanctuary Report – attach Safe Sanctuary Policy if changed/updated since last charge conference. All churches MUST have a SS policy whether or not the congregation has children.
  13. Form 8 – Report of Lay Speaker(s) – VOTE
  14. Candidates for ministry who have been approved by S/PPRC (No form is required, this should be noted on the checklist – prepare small sheets of paper for written ballot if this is the first charge conference vote on the candidate; for continuation, a voice or hand vote is fine) - VOTE
  15. Report of Retired Pastors / other clergy with charge conference membership
  16. Leases to be approved (all leases should be reviewed by the trustees and pre-approved by Ad Council – copies need not be provided for all present) – VOTE Please list the leases on the form (Parsonage, Preschool, etc.)


All INCORPORATED Churches must file Form 15-5110 Annual Statement Non-Profit Corp.  with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the officers elected for 2020 IF THERE IS A CHANGE.  This form is available with the Charge Conference forms.  Instructions are included with the form.  THIS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE ADDRESS ON THE INSTRUCTIONS only – do not send to the district office!  There is no fee for this.  Send by January 31, 2020.