Dismantling Racism:

Pastors Kris Sledge and Lenore Hosier have been working with our conference leadership to develop a grass-roots movement seeking to eradicate racism within the boundaries of our Annual Conference and the wider community. Their hope is that this becomes a priority for the Susquehanna Conference, and, working towards that goal, have developed the following approach to this movement:

The Anti-Racist Movement of the Susquehanna Conference heeds the call of Christ and our Bishops to dismantle racism in all forms that it presents itself.

Three Fold Approach 

  1. Educate our white clergy persons and laity to recognize their own privilege and implicit biases.
  2. Encourage actively anti-racist leadership, congregations, and communities who oppose racism and its harm, while working diligently to form relationships and systems that heal, love, and create justice
  3. Embrace and equip clergy of color and congregations they serve for fruitful cross-cultural appointments and mutually supportive collaboration in life and ministry.