Does your church struggle to help people take their next steps in faith? Are you finding it a challenge to weave invitation to discipleship into each worship experience? Does your congregation lack an intentional pathway to discipleship? If so, grab your church team and plan to attend Navigate. Bringing a group from your church helps create momentum for implementation of your learnings at your local church after the event.

Navigate is a one-day event designed to help church leaders grow in discipleship development. This jam-packed day of learning will include two general sessions unpacking why and how to create and implement a worship experience that invites next steps in your congregation's faith walk. You will not want to miss this year’s conference keynote speakers Mike Schreiner and Ken Willard, authors of “Stride: Creating a Discipleship Pathway for your Church." Rev. Schreiner will also lead us in worship demonstrating how to weave invitation to faith development into the worship experience.

Each Navigate attendee will also choose two workshops to attend covering such topics as: Growing Disciples into Leaders, How to Communicate Your Discipleship Pathway, Aligning Your Ministries with Discipleship, and Creating a Discipleship Pathway for your Church Size.

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Join us on Saturday, April 28th, from 9a.m. - 5 p.m., at Lewisburg High School to discover how to navigate your congregation from members to disciples.


Cost: $44 for individual and group of four or more $35 per person

Keynote Speakers:

Mike SchreinerKen Willard
Authors of "Stride: Creating Discipleship Pathways for Your Church"


Morning Breakout Sessions:

Hearing in Surround Sound: Communicating Your Discipleship Pathway

Rev. Matt Lake, First United Methodist Church in Williamsport, PA

Few things are as effective but challenging as good communication.

In a world of business, social media, and a non-stop news cycle, how is it that we can communicate with our churches both the importance and the logistics of journeying with God in discipleship? And more than communicating the information, how can we share in a way that the message is both heard and received?

Join us in this breakout as we explore communicating the journey of discipleship in our churches from all sides, from every angle, in surround sound. Specifically, we will explore communicating the why, the what, and the how of a discipleship pathway—from top to bottom, from side to side in our congregations—in a way that our congregations can hear and get on board.

Having a discipleship pathway does not do us any good if people do not hear it in such a way as to care about it, be aware of it, and desire to be a part of it.


Ministry Alignment for Discipleship

Rev. Jan Hughes, Middlesex United Methodist Church, Carlisle, PA

Car alignment is critical in order to get us to our desired location. Leaders must care about alignment and attunement. (Roger Harrison)

But…What if I don’t notice a problem?...What if I don’t know what to look for?

This workshop is a teaching and interactive time to look under the hood and learn how to align our ministries with our discipleship process. You will leave with the “why” of alignment and a practical plan to align your ministries to your vision in your unique context.

Rev. Jan Hughes is an ordained elder and has served as a coach for over ten years. She is passionate about helping churches and pastors to experience vitality and produce fruitfulness. Jan currently serves Middlesex UMC in Carlisle; a congregation who has experienced exponential growth and vitality through the Growing Effective Church movement.


Discipleship Development to Leadership Development

Ken Willard, Christian Leadership Coach

Each participant will walk away with a clear picture of how leadership in the church is an extension of discipleship and a variety of next step ways to create a leadership development culture in their local church.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Smaller Churches

Josh Davinsizer, Pastor, First Church, Windfall, & East Troy United Methodist Churches

Are you seeking a way to take your faith to the next level? Do you desire to be a community of faith who embodies Christ’s call to “make disciples of all nations?” In this 90-minute breakout session, you will discover how small churches can embody Christ’s call to be a disciple. You will find out that not everyone is at the same faith stage in their walk with Christ. With this in mind, you will discover the four main areas of a Disciple’s Path, be able to identify the main goals in each area, and be given ways of how to live into each stage of being a disciple. At the end of this breakout session, you will have a working knowledge to help Beginning Disciples become Discipleship Makers.


Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Mid-Sized Churches

Rev. Gregory A. Rapp, First United Methodist Church, Hanover, PA

Participants will learn how to claim the God given purpose for the Church by making and maturing disciples who make and mature disciples. We will identify what disciples are, how they are made, and develop clear processes that help increasing numbers of people to follow Jesus with their whole lives. Designed for congregations ranging from 200-499 in average worship attendance.


Creating a Discipleship Pathway for Larger Churches

Ken Willard, Christian Leadership Coach

Pastors and laity leaders from large churches will understand how to take what they are already doing well and connect it to an intentional process of discipleship. They will leave with resources to take next steps for intentionally growing disciples throughout their ministries.