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June 26 - Day 1 (Completed)
Let’s talk about day one. What do you do on day one? How do you structure the first week? What are the big things that should be on your calendar for the first year? As you begin, communicate, communicate, communicate!

Webinar Wednesdays: Day One 6/26/2019

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July 10 - Discipleship Pathways (Completed)
Every church needs an intentional discipleship pathway. Meet our Director of Growing Spiritual Transformational Leaders who will help you begin to identify the pathway as well as share ideas on designing a leadership retreat for your church.

July 24 - Administration (Completed)
Part of our job is administrating the church. This includes a lot of counting and reporting. This week we will talk about Vital Signs, Safe Sanctuaries, and Boundaries. We’ll also discuss some important sections of the Book of Discipline, the purpose of a Church Conference and when to call the DS.

Webinar Wednesdays: Administration 7/24/2019

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August 7 - Pastor as Leader (Completed)
Working with leaders is assumed in every church. Pastors need to have a solid relationship with Council, Trustees, Staff Parish Relations, and Finance. But as pastor, you’re also the chair of Nominations. This week we will talk about your responsibilities and opportunities when working with these teams as well as the possibilities of the Simplified Accountable Structure.

Pastor As Leader 8 7 2019

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August 21 – Resourcing (Completed)
The Conference offers a great deal of resources and ministries that are intended to help your church move forward. This week we will cover creating connections with the General Church, the Annual Conference, and especially Communications, Volunteers in Mission, Discovery Place, Mission Central, Camp & Retreats, and Bishop’s Partners in Mission.

Resourcing 8 21 2019

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September 4 - Stewardship (Completed)
It’s almost the end of the third quarter and it’s time to say Thank You! Everyone who has contributed financial to your church deserves a written thank you. It’s also a great time to build on the relationship and begin talking about giving in 2020.

Stewardship 9 4 2019

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September 18 - Rhythms, Retreats, and Renewal
Have you planned a vacation? How about a spiritual retreat? It’s important to care for yourself and about now you’re probably starting to get tired. We’ll talk about what’s waiting for you at the end of Advent and some great options that will help you carry you forward. Register Here

October 2 - Finance & Benefits
If you haven’t already, it’s time to start budgeting for 2020. Throughout the process you’ll want to have a good understanding of Shares of Ministry and your Pastoral Benefits. Also, as you present your budget to the congregation, you might want to consider creating a Narrative Budget.
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October 16 – Equipped for Vitality
Gary Shockley, our new Director for Equipping Vital Congregations is here, and he wants to tell you all about Vitality Teams, Fresh Expressions, Small Church Checkups and more!
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