Bill Grondin

William “Bill” Grondin

William “Bill” Grondin is currently employed as the Direct of Sales & Marketing for a North American branch of an international dental manufacturing company. He has been working in the dental space of the medical field for over 30 years but has also “moonlighted” in other areas of sales & marketing while promoting his own products and services. He has had the pleasure of working with the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and other sports franchises (in the memorabilia products space) in additional to the health & well-being area (with various products/services) and also within the social media space (primarily with multi-media promotion) for church and non-profit organizations.

Bill is currently a Certified Lay Speaker within the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church and provides sermon messages when asked to “step in” from time-to-time. He does not consider himself and “expert” within his field; however, Bill is confident in knowing he has been extremely “blessed” by how God has led and exposed him to some extremely unique opportunities to use the God-given gifts that have been provided. He considers some of his past “failures” to be of valuable benefit in determining the path forward as he now mentors, guides and works to influence colleagues in various business scenarios. Additionally, Bill uses Christ-like examples when working in the business world environment to create a positive environment wherever possible.

Bill holds a BA in Business Management, with an emphasis in Marketing, from Northern Arizona University and was born and raised in Southern California.